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Small Business Web Engagement
Small Business Needs to Step Up Engagement With its Customers
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4 Successful Insane Marketing Campaigns

4 Successful Insane Marketing Campaigns | Small Business Web Engagement |
Marketing takes on a lot of different meanings around the world. Here are a few wild campaigns that caught on globally and turned into advertising...

"Every marketer’s dream is to get the Internet buzzing with their latest campaign. Some use cuteness, some use nostalgia, some use slick graphics or beautiful people. And some think up the craziest stunt they can imagine to get their message shared."

craig daniels's insight:

Sometimes thinking outside the box is not enough, sometimes you need to crush the box with creative ideas your marketing dept may think are insane.

To be seen in today's market small business needs to step up and be different, small business must take a leap of faith and show its customers something new and daring.

Read the complete post from FastCompany author Ekaterina Walter and find out what others are doing to stand out.

You don't need a huge budget to stand out, you only need the courage to risk.

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Scooped by craig daniels!

A Content Marketing Campaign On A Zero Budget?

A Content Marketing Campaign On A Zero Budget? | Small Business Web Engagement |
If you're an innovative marketer working for a company that's stuck in the past, use these 5 free tools to run a zero-budget content marketing campaign. Run a successful shoestring effort and you j...
craig daniels's insight:

Did someone say Free! I don't think there is a small business in the world that wouldn't jump at the chance to shave off some of the costs associated with their marketing campaigns.

Of course the trade off is that you'll have to do most of the work instead of paying an agency to do it. Check out the great info in the rest of the post to see if maybe this is an avenue that fits your needs.

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